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Dentures are a popular cost effective way to replace severe damage to the teeth and gums. Whether you struggle with gum disease, decay or injury dentures can be a fast way for patients to regain a normal life while sporting a healthy new smile. 

In the past, having dentures came with a set of challenges. such as looking fake, hard to keep in place and being uncomfortable. At Design in Dentistry we use the best technology that  eliminate known past complications providing a beautiful functioning smile able to properly chew and bite as you would with a natural teeth.

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Benefits of Dentures

Having poor gums and rotting teeth lead to extreme health conditions. Poor dental health has been linked to heart disease and other serious health issues. 

Fitting for dentures keeps your mouth free from diseases that effect the entire quality of life. 

Loss of teeth and poor gums can make it difficult to eat, therefore leading to nutritional deficiencies.


Repairing your smile with dentures can restore the ability to eat. 

Poor gum lines and missing teeth leads to sagging skin around the jaw line causing poor sagging. Filling in the space of your natural teeth, depositing the jaw and supporting the facial muscles for an improved, natural appearance that restores patients confidence. 

The Process

We will save the healthy teeth and use them as anchors for the bridge. Any teeth that need to be removed are extracted and the dentures are custom fitted to your jaw line.

We use a process that allows you to walk out with your dentures in place the same day your remaining teeth are removed.

If you've gone for several years with missing teeth, this could impact your changing jaw line. In a few cases this might cause denture to not fit well in the beginning. Do NOT waiting to contact us as this will only worsen your condition and lead to a longer recovery time.

Denture Care

To care for your new dentures patients you will follow a similar health regiment with natural teeth. Regular brushing the gums and roof of the mouth stimulates the blood circulation. As with your natural teeth it helps to remove plaque, which can cause infection. Brush dentures the same as you would your natural teeth to remove food particles and keep stains from developing. Please call us with any questions or concerns. We want this transition to be as smooth as possible.

Have questions about your smile?

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