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Root Canal

Root canal is an effective way to save the quality of tooth. The tooth is drilled through the center removing the infection or the dead parts of the tooth. The center is replaced with a filing that fills in from the jaw replacing the nerve-ending root of the tooth.

There are two procedures that occur for a root canal. 


Procedure of a Root Canal

Procedure 1

Root Canals happen in two procedures. First we drill down from the top of the tooth, taking care to remove any weakened soft tissue or rotting outer tooth, known as dentin. The drill works down to the root end. Temporarily filling is used to prevent saliva and other contaminants from entering the open canal of the exposed tooth.

Procedure 2

The temporary filling is removed and a new filling and crown are created to restore the tooth's shape and appearance. Depending on where the tooth is located, your natural tooth's color and how much of the original tooth is left will determine the type of material used for the crown. 

Our Solution

Once this crown hardens, the tooth will be ready for normal use. You will be able to  wash, floss and take care of the restored tooth as you would the rest of your dental care regiment. 

IMPORTANT: If there are any signs of looseness or swelling contact us immediately. Not contacting us could lead to infection and damage.  If proper healing and care is given to the crown, it should last a lifetime.

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